Stix Weekly

– This is the last Stix Weekly – what a great season! Thank you for your incredible support and participation over the past few months!!
– The banquet evite will be sent via email. When you RSVP, please do not include players. Players should contact their coach if they cannot attend, otherwise we will assume that they are attending. If you did not receive the email, please contact
– Off Season Field Hockey, which is a PE credit class, will begin on November 8. It will take place twice per week during seventh or eighth period. Schedule coming soon.

Program Wide
Tuesday – Uniform Turn In, 1:45 – 2:30 p.m. All uniform items must be clean with stains removed (oxy clean!) as best as possible; The uniform you are returning includes plaid skirt, white home jersey, navy away jersey and practice jersey. Please return in large ziplock baggie.