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On behalf of the NHHS Field Hockey Boosters, I would like to welcome everyone to the 2017 hockey season. The FH Board and Head Coach Amanda Boyer have been meeting and planning over the off-season to make this year another memorable one for the girls. We have kept many of the Harbor traditions in place while trying to improve the program for our daughters.

The anticipation is now over and we no longer need to “go with the flow” as our beautiful new field and facilities have arrived! Our home games will truly be in our house, most befitting our team’s sudden death championship last year!

This year Amanda Boyer, our head coach will be joined again by Judy Schaefer with the addition of Madeline Storch. We are very fortunate to have them as our varsity coaching staff. We are proud to announce our new JV Coach, Emmy Mitchell, and the new Frosh/Soph coaches, Noelle Hubbard and Mia Bagiu. All three are NHHS alumni and bring with them a tradition of excellence

Each season presents various challenges, but one that is always present is generating enough funds for the program, so we can continue the exceptional level of coaching in the summer and fall, to the team building events, tournament participation, plus the annual expenses for equipment and uniform upgrades. This means that the funds you donate as parents help the program to meet its financial goals and help take the program to the highest level.

We are holding only two fund raisers this season. One is our “Ding Dong Dollars” door-to-door event, and the other is our “Finish Strong” campaign. Please contact us if your are interested in joining our campaign and/or making a donation. For more info, see our Parent Meeting Follow Up email.

I cannot thank the NHHS FH Board enough for their efforts since January. Jen Blanchfield, our newly appointed Vice President is once again on the board and brings a wealth of experience back to the program. Nancy Vaughn returns to us as Treasurer after a seasons hiatus, although she never really was away, thank you Raylene Groves’ for stepping in.  Buffi Hendrix has retired as our Secretary, however we are all in great hands with Rene Baldwin’s energy and commitment in her new role. Barbara Lucore returns as our Vice President of Volunteers and as we all know is laser focused on giving our volunteer chairs and the program the attention and resources they need. I would also like to introduce Todd Knipp as our Vice President of Facilities, who has already proven himself invaluable to the program.

Our girls truly take pride in continuing the traditions of one of the most successful programs at NHHS. We will continue to try to live up to the excellence of this program so we can continue to Finish Strong. The girls and coaching staff work very hard, have tremendous passion for the sport, and have a lot of fun. The rewards and memories for our daughters are something they will carry with them for a lifetime. I am honored and feel privileged to be able to continue to support this program and our daughter’s memories.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you parents who give so generously your time, support, and financial contributions. The continued excellence of this program starts with your generosity and commitment to your daughters and the program’s success. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions about whom, what, where and why details about the program for the upcoming season. Click here for more information on how you can get involved.

We look forward to another great season…………Go Newport!

Steven Dewan
NHHS Girls Field Hockey Board President

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