Off Season Field Hockey

Off Season Field Hockey will begin next Monday, December 3 from 3 – 5 p.m. on the grass by the softball field. Consistent attendance will count towards the PE credit. Upperclassmen who wish to receive PE credit for Field Hockey on their transcripts must finish out the off season through the end of the semester. Off Season will held on Mondays and Wednesdays. We will not have practices during the winter recess. For Off Season we ask for a contribution of $75 per player for Dec – June to cover costs. The players who are involved with other sports can join off season in May, we ask for a contribution of $25. Please email Coach Amanda Boyer if you have any questions.

The following players are currently signed up for academic credit:

Dexter, Sydney

Fausto, Savannah

Flanagan, Riley

Frei, Julia

Fuller, Seneca

Hancock, Kari

Jones, Whitney

Layton, Jane

Muenchow, Elizabeth

Newman, Anna

Parisi, Gabriella

Peredia, Edna

Salai, Alex

Shedd, Kaitlin

Singer, Samantha

Templin, Sophie

Vasquez, Alex

Vaughan, Emily